DC's Rising Stars in Real Estate: Part 1


Trending 40 2017

Rising Stars of Real Estate

Part One

the DCA is getting back to business and today we’re kicking off our profiles of DC’s rising stars of commercial real estate. Read about them here and then join us for a special Trending 40 event on Tuesday, January 31 at 1776 in Crystal City. Register here and sign up for the DCA to receive regular profiles of DC’s top movers and shakers from the tech, legal, non profit and business communities – it’s free!

Simon Frost, CFO of Greencourt Capital, is a rising star in DC Commercial Real Estate. This Washington, DC executive takes power lunch meetings at The Lafayette in The Hay-Adams.

He has some deep thoughts for his 20-year old self: "You’re on a cosmically meaningless planet circling one of about 5 billion trillion stars. Keep finding ways to do meaningful things for the folks in the same predicament!"

Simon is Thumbs Sideways on 2017's CRE outlook because, "Cap rates are very low, interest rates are rising, things feel expensive, but different opportunities exist at every point in the market cycle."

Brian Abramson represents The Tower Companies By Brian Edward and District Design + Development. His hometown is Potomac, Maryland and he can be found power-lunching at Stanford Grill.

His advice to his younger self is: "Try to gain a little knowledge on as many disciplines of Real Estate, and swing for the fences."

Elliott Estes is a Principal at Woodmont Lodging. He was born and raised in Raleigh, NC and resides in Bethesda, Maryland, where he frequents his Power Lunch Spot Olazzo.

If present-day Elliott had to advise 20-year old Elliott, he'd say: "Always say 'yes,' either you can do it, figure it out, or recover."

He's Thumbs Up on the 2017 CRE Outlook too!

Dan Klueger, is a Managing Partner at The Tenant Agency. He's a Chicago, Illinois native and now resides in Potomac, Maryland. Find him having his power lunches at Wildfire McLean.

Hey 20-year Dan, present-day Dan has some advice: "Dream big and don’t let stress get in the way of accomplishing your goals"

Dan is 'Thumbs Up' on DC Commercial Real Estate for 2017!

Matt Coursen is Managing Director at JLL and hails from Bethesda, Maryland. He'd happily grab lunch at his go-to power spot Fiola Mare DC!

This is what he'd say to 20-year old Matt today: "Forget sports...get into real estate earlier!"

He's 'Thumbs Up' on CRE in the coming year.

Jackson Prentice, SVP - Director of Portfolio Management at MRP REALTY. His hometown is Washington, DC and his Power Lunch Spot is The Dubliner.

This is what he'd say to his 20-year old self: " Bypass becoming a lawyer after law school and go directly to the business side of real estate after graduate school."

He's 'Thumbs Up' for DC Real Estate in 2017

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