DC's Rising Stars in Real Estate: Part 3

DC's Rising Stars in Real Estate: Part 3

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Rising Stars of Real Estate

Part Three

Matt Garcell hails from Augusta, Maine and is a Managing Director at Cushman & Wakefield. He says Momofuku CCDC has the best under-the-radar noodle dish in the District.

His advice to his 20-year old self: "Embrace technology but remember that the old-fashioned way of doing business still works."

His 2017 CRE outlook is good vibes only with 2 Thumbs Up! "My thumbs are up even in a down market because I believe that optimism generates success regardless of the business environment."

Sam Heiber
is a Principal at Cresa Washington DC and can be found power lunching at The Palm Restaurant Washington DC.

His advice to his younger self is all about the grind: "Never stop grinding – work hard, set goals and exceed those goals. Whatever you end up doing, make sure you enjoy waking up every day and strive to be the best."

This is his outlook for CRE in 2017: "Thumbs up – 2017 will continue to be a TENANTS market."

Meet Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native Anthony Balestrieri. He's a Director at MetLife Real Estate Investors, and will power lunch at any authentic Greek deli.

Here's his advice to his 20-year old self: "The only time your pro-forma is correct is the day you close. After that, nothing goes as planned. Real Estate is all about relationships and your reaction to change."

This is his 2017 DC Real Estate Outlook: "On a macro basis – thumbs are sideways, but we see pockets we are very excited about."

Meet Ezra Weinblatt, SVP of Ezra Company! This Washington, District of Columbia native enjoys his power lunches at Char Bar and has some simple advice for his 20 year old self: "STUDY COMPUTER SCIENCE"

Stephen Powell hails from Cheverly, Maryland and is Assistant Vice President of Development at Penzance.

He power lunches at Rasika West End. His younger self would be delighted to hear his advice in hindsight: "Don’t stress about the future, you will be fine. Work hard, live hard, but party harder."

He's Thumbs Sideways on CRE's 2017 outlook, but that's okay, he's still a real estate star

Michael Goldman is President of MGA, Inc. and Bethesda, Maryland native. He loves to power lunch "upstairs" at Nando's PERi-PERi and has this advice for his 20-year old self: "Focus on the people...It is the people and the relationships that matter most.”

Cy Kouhestani, is a Arlington, Virginia local and is now a Director at Brookfield Property Partners and power lunches at Old Ebbitt Grill.

Here's his advice to his 20-year old self: "Make a plan, work hard and with urgency on it, but be patient with outcomes. Always be good to people and work with gratitude regardless of circumstance."

Cy is Thumbs Up on the CRE outlook for the coming year.

James Collins is VP at Cushman & Wakefield and hails from Bethesda, Maryland. His go-to lunch spot is his apartment, which is a block from his workplace and claims to be the best real estate decision of his life.

His advice to his younger self is simple: "Family comes first."

He's always Thumbs Up on CRE's outlook.