Red Hot Companies - Part 1


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DC's Red Hot Companies! — Part 1

Kicking off today, the DCA is profiling some of the DC’s region hottest and fastest growing companies. Check them out here and then come meet their leaders and team members at a special Trending 40 event next Tuesday, November 15 at 1776 in Crystal City, VA. Sign up here!

Higher Logic

Year founded: 2007

In one sentence, what is your business? Organizations worldwide use Higher Logic to bring people all together, by giving their community a home where they can interact, share ideas, answer questions and stay connected.

Your employees love working at Higher Logic because… We went straight to the source and asked all our employees:

“The office creates a sense of community. I can walk into a C-level office, and my opinion is taken seriously. That’s something not many companies can say.”

“We have meaningful work, challenging assignments, responsive leadership, smart colleagues, and we recognize the importance of work-life balance.”

“There are genuine, fun people you can be yourself around – no filter is required, whether it’s coworkers or executives. It’s a forgiving culture where mistakes aren’t penalized, and the company invests in you once you prove yourself.”

Our staff responses were overwhelming with a few common themes: Respect and trust among coworkers, managers and executives, a collaborative and fun work environment, telework options, great work-life balance, and challenging but rewarding work.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10 year plan, what does your business look like? Higher Logic’s product will be the primary engagement platform for all customer and member interaction creating an invaluable customer experience for any organization or brand.

Veris Group

Year founded: 2005

In one sentence, what is your business? Veris Group is an industry-leading, award-winning company providing a full spectrum of cybersecurity services to many of the largest commercial and government organizations.

Your employees love working there because... Corporate culture including but not limited to: a variety of social events including annual summer picnic, holiday party, and happy hours; Training opportunities; Community support; Great benefits and work life balance support.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10-year plan, what does your business look like? In ten years we will be a large mid-size cyber services company with diverse, rich service offerings in offensive testing, cyber engineering and architecture, and standards compliance work. Our workforce will be somewhere between 800-1,000 staff housed in different geographical locations around the US that match to our diverse commercial and government client base. Recognizing the evolving nature of cybersecurity, we will also venture into unique service and product offerings based upon our decade long experience with cloud security. We will be among the most recognizable names in cybersecurity services.

Surefire Social

Year founded: 2009

Your business in a sentence: We’re experts in helping small business owners live prosperously by building sales for them through digital marketing, search and discovery - with our local marketing automation system: SurePulse.

Your employees love working at Surefire Social because… We understand the best client experience starts with a strong internal company culture. Everyone at Surefire feels like part of a team. Every day we’re working toward a common goal and a shared a vision to make our clients successful.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10 year plan, what does your business look like? Gone will be the days of marketers jumping between platforms to run a business’s marketing operation. The SurePulse SaaS cloud platform by Surefire Social will be the only tool any business will need to run their local marketing. With SurePulse a business of any size will have visibility across all their marketing in one place: from prospect nurture to sales attribution.

Macro Solutions

Year founded: 2000

In one sentence, what is your business? Macro Solutions is a woman-owned information technology and management consulting firm that helps companies and government organizations select, implement, integrate and maintain critical end-to-end business solutions.

Your employees love working there because... Given our work that takes us to a variety of customer sites throughout the country, the leadership team at Macro is focused on providing a strong sense of community to ensure connectedness even if that is through electronic means. Business Skype texting, use of Slack for team engagement, monthly PM meetings and regular outings (National games are always a hit!) for folks local to DC are methods we use make space for community. We like to have fun, not taking ourselves too seriously, as evidenced by our “Define Agile” video where we asked a few team members to answer some quirky questions about agile in 15 seconds or less.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10-year plan, what does your business look like? We are on track to hit $100M by 2020. As we see it today, we plan to “make hay while the sun shines,” taking full advantage of our small business status for the few remaining months we have within the designation. With that deadline in mind, our 2017 plans call for continued growth and girding with careful scaling up of organizational, process and tooling infrastructure.

Year founded: 2013

In one sentence, what is your business? is the nation's leading on-demand roadside assistance service, available 24/7/365 to everyone - no membership required - through our free-to-download app or by clicking 'GET HELP NOW' on our website.

Your employees love working at Urgently because… It's really exciting to be changing the way roadside assistance works. Historically, it's a pretty negative event but we're determined to make the experience better for our customers, and to drive change across the industry.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10 year plan, what does your business look like? will be the premier roadside assistance service in the US and internationally.


Year founded: 2013

In one sentence, what is your business? TransitScreen provides real-time arrival data for every kind of transit — train, metro, bus, bike share, car share, ride share, etc. — in hopes of creating a more sustainable world with smarter cities.

Your employees love working at TransitScreen because… We're a small, tight-knit group all working toward the same goal. Because we're all so passionate about what we're doing, it's a really exciting atmosphere to come to every day.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10 year plan, what does your business look like? A TransitScreen in every building, in every city — you use it leaving your apartment, when you head to meet friends for dinner after work, when you're trying to find the best way home at the end of the day. Public transportation isn't a headache anymore because all of the information you need is instantly available right in front of you, at a glance.

Resonate Networks

Year founded? 2008

In one sentence, what is your business? Resonate is a SaaS based consumer intelligence-to-activation platform that is delivering the promise of real time people-based marketing which drives increased revenue while reducing costs for companies.

Your employees love working at Resonate because… Resonators thrive on having a hand in developing ground-breaking solutions and working with other incredibly talented, smart and highly-energetic people. The all understand their piece of the puzzle and know that their individual contributions matter and are making a difference within the company. While the work is challenging, our company culture maintains work/life balance and emphasizes having fun as a team. Resonators are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and we strive to provide a rewarding environment for the intellectually curious and a tremendous opportunity to personally grow and learn new things.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10 year plan, what does your business look like? Resonate will power a world where consumers and brands seamlessly connect on a personal, humanistic level immune to media channel or device. We will have fundamentally transformed the speed and agility by which companies understand and anticipate customer needs with real time knowledge of continual shifts in views, attitudes and priorities of the individual consumer. Resonate will have changed how and why companies develop and evolve their products, the way they market and sell and how they ubiquitously interact with their constituencies.

Teleworld Solutions

Year founded: 2001

In one sentence, what is your business? TeleWorld Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of unconventionally adept design and dimensioning, testing, optimization, and deployment services for network operators, OEMs and tower companies; the wireless integrator's answer to stagnant thinking and status quo problem solving.

Your employees love working at TeleWorld because... TeleWorld Solutions has built a solid leadership team that has embraced the vision and vitality of the company. The employees are technically smart and client-savvy, creating a culture of accountability toward client service. The family-friendly environment believes in work-life balance while providing opportunities to grow.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10-year plan, what does your business look like? In the next 10 years, the telecom industry will look nothing like it does today. Technologies and networks continue to move away from the traditional way of doing things and TeleWorld Solutions is focused not only on evolving with the industry but finding new ways to innovate and even disrupt the ‘norm’ to speed our clients’ progression into the future.

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