Red Hot Companies - Part 3


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DC's Red Hot Companies! — Part 3

the DCA is profiling some of the DC’s region hottest and fastest growing companies. Check them out here and then come meet their leaders and team members at a special Trending 40 event next Tonight at 1776 in Crystal City, VA. Sign up here!

Optimal Networks

Year founded: 1991

In one sentence, what is your business? We help law firms, associations, and SMBs fuel their business strategy by way of thoughtful technology guidance and white-glove support.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10 year plan, what does your business look like? In 10 years, Optimal will be around $30mm in revenue with about 125 people. We'll be one of the name-brands on the East Coast for top-level onsite and cloud service. We'll be the ones that people call when they need strategic thinking and CIO-level expertise to get them through technology changes. We'll have a wide-ranging set of modern, relevant, and effective services that will continue to fuel the success of our clients. Operationally, we will likely have 3-5 offices from Miami to New York. Each office has the feeling and power of a smaller company to deliver the best possible service, but has the backing of our processes, procedures, and total organization to be most effective in doing so.


Year founded? 2004

In one sentence, what is your business? Carahsoft Technology Corp. is the trusted Government IT solutions provider, combining sales, marketing and technological expertise with a thorough understanding of the government procurement process to help federal, state and local government agencies select and implement the best solution at the best possible value.

Your employees love working at Carahsoft because... At Carahsoft, we believe effective teamwork produces incredible results. Our employees are highly motivated, driven and passionate about their work. Despite our rapid growth, we’re proud to have retained our small-company culture and collaborative environment where team members have fun, work hard together, and count on each other day in and day out to deliver excellent service to our vendors, partners and customers. Hard work does not go unnoticed, we invest in our employees by rewarding them with company trips, team outings, and more.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10-year plan, what does your business look like? Carahsoft has grown from a handful of employees and a few million dollars in annual sales in its first year of business in 2004, to more than 600 team members who, in 2016, are on target to exceed $3.0 billion in bookings. In the next 10 years, we anticipate continued swift, sustainable organic growth built against a solid business model, stringent cash flow management practices, expansion of our solutions portfolio, entrance into new markets, and most importantly, through an unflagging commitment to provide value every day to our government customers, reseller partners, and technology vendors.

Modus Create, Inc

Year founded: 2011

In one sentence, what is your business: Modus Create turns software development into competitive advantage.

Employees love working Modus Create, Inc because... It is a platform for building personal brand and accelerating professional growth.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10-year plan, what does your business look like? In 2021, Modus Create will be a fully integrated global team and software platform for managing large scale digital product ecosystems.

Gravitate Solutions

Gravitate Solutions is the one-stop-shop for your association’s AMS needs, offering support for upgrades, integrations, training, and more. Gravitate also offers Nucleus, the first data aggregation and analysis platform built for associations. Empower your staff to make data-driven decisions by providing visualizations, dashboards, and reports to answer key strategic questions.

DC’s Red Hot Companies!

Join us on tonight to meet the leaders and their teams from the 2016 Trending 40 Red Hot Companies at 1776 in Crystal City.

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