Red Hot Companies - Part 2


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DC's Red Hot Companies! — Part 2

the DCA is profiling some of the DC’s region hottest and fastest growing companies. Check them out here and then come meet their leaders and team members at a special Trending 40 event next Tuesday, November 15 at 1776 in Crystal City, VA. Sign up here!


Year founded: 2014

In one sentence, what is your business? GoodWorld makes giving simple, secure and viral with hashtag-powered payments for good.

Your employees love working at GoodWorld because... GoodWorld is more than an idea, a brand or a company. GoodWorld is a movement to realize a better world tomorrow by taking action today. We believe that together we can create a better world by using technology to power the next generation of giving.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10 year plan, what does your business look like? It is a payments pathway that is the global force for good.


Year Founded: 2015

In one sentence, what is your business? Revature is a talent development company training the next generation of software engineers. We empower our corporate and agency clients to secure best-in-class talent and technology.

Your employees love working at Revature because… First, we offer a very unique business proposition that breaks down barriers and creates a pathway for students to secure a rewarding career in software development. Everyone is committed to the mission and works hard to achieve this goal. Because we’re in a growth stage, we’re small and nimble enough that each employee can personally identify and explore ways to improve what we do every day which creates a youthful, energetic vibe. And we love playing the on-site video games! They're a great way to take a break, challenge a colleague, and just have fun.

Not if, but when you execute your 10-year plan, what does your business look like? In 10 years, we will be the leading provider of entry-level software development talent to corporate America. Just as important, we'll further create, and expand pathways to rewarding careers in software development. We'll continue to break down barriers, with no-cost training, so that a wider group of students has access to cutting-edge software coding skills, which are so critical in the 21st century job market.


Year founded: 2015

In one sentence, what is your business? Notarize is the first nationwide digital end-to-end remote electronic notary platform, empowering customers to notarize documents from anywhere, anytime online.

Your employees love working at Notarize because... We work hard to create a culture that attracts the best and brightest, people who like to work hard and have fun. We also offer competitive salaries and a great benefits package. People are also excited about the opportunity to transform an industry and achieve our mission - to improve the way businesses and individuals execute the most important transactions of their lives.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10 year plan, what does your business look like? Notarize becomes the nation’s notary signing service, improving how businesses and individuals execute life’s most important transactions.

Stardog Union

Year founded: 2015

In one sentence, what is your business? Stardog is a data unification platform allowing enterprises to query disparate, heterogeneous, massive data sets regardless of structure as if it were a single database.

Your employees love working at Stardog because… We love solving the unknown in IT - how to unify enterprise data in unconnected data silos. Our incredible customer list demonstrates how far we've come: NASA, Bank of New York, Samsung, Bosch, Cisco, Moody's, Army, FINRA, etc. We love the "aha" moment that companies have when they realize the magnitude of how we can help them. While we've been flying under the radar until now, we're very excited to launch more publicly in the next few months.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10-year plan, what does your business look like? We've gone public or sold for a billion dollars of course! And we've changed how the world leverages their data, having solved the data silo problem.

Cordia Partners

Year founded: 2006

In one sentence, what is your business? We support the growth of businesses throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area through the delivery of high quality outsourced accounting, business advisory, and executive, finance, and accounting recruiting services.

Your employees love working at Cordia Partners because... We have great clients and challenging work; an entrepreneurial, hard working, and fun culture; a professional (and mutually supportive) work environment; and a very competitive compensation and benefits package.

Not if, but when, you execute your 10 year plan, what does your business look like? We will offer an even broader platform of services; growing to become one of the dominant players, in our professional services offerings, in the Washington DC metropolitan area; and grow our revenue to over $50 million while supporting a base of over 1,000 clients.

In one sentence, what is your business? We help the government get shit done.

Your employees love working at 540 because... We don't just talk about what's possible. We are builders. At 540, we use modern tools and approaches to tackle the Government's most challenging needs. That means we have a dynamic work environment where our employees get to learn and use the coolest tech products out there. We also learn from each other, and do whatever it takes to help our clients get shit done. A major focus of our work is evangelizing open source and APIs in Government, which isn't always easy, but we like the toughest challenges. We also like to have have fun, and we've combined our passion for APIs with our passion for good times by creating what we call the "API Shot." Stop by our next company social event, and we'll pour one for you!

Not if, but when, you execute your 10 year plan, what does your business look like? We will have teams of 540 evangelists working in agencies all across the Federal Government, building cool solutions to meet our clients' biggest challenges. And our clients will still refer to us as "those get shit done people." And ideally, every Federal Agency will have a "540 Signal" they can shine into the sky whenever they have a problem that nobody else can solve for them.

Electronic Tenant Solutions

Founded in 2002, Electronic Tenant Solutions has become a leading technology provider for the commercial real estate industry. Headquartered in Washington D.C., the company distinguishes itself by providing applications and services that advance tenant attraction, satisfaction and retention. Electronic Tenant Solutions’ software is deployed in more than half a billion square feet of commercial real estate.

Before starting Electronic Tenant Solutions, Ian O’Neil owned a full-service advertising firm in Washington, D.C. The building known as 101 Constitution has recently been completed and the building’s management team approached O’Neil’s firm seeking a brand for the property. “When they approached us they had a binder-based manual for every tenant in the building,” recalls O’Neil. “We decided that it would be cool as a CD-ROM. Once we did that it became clear to us that we could turn it into a website.”

This led O’Neil to consult with other property managers to investigate the need for this type of product. Once the demand was discovered, the business model was then launched for Electronic Tenant Solutions to create property management websites and software.

Over the last 12 years, Electronic Tenant Solutions has evolved from just building property websites to having 14 applications that serve operations, communications, risk management, leasing/ marketing, reservations, and energy. A notable distinction to the company's offerings is the capacity to foster proactive tenant engagement.

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